Novogreen Reinforces its Commitment to Product Quality through the Certification of its Natural Grass Varieties

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This past November, the technicians from the ITGAP (International Turfgrass Genetic Program) visited the Novogreen facilities to evaluate the certified varieties grown at our nurseries. The ITGAP gave Paspalum vaginatum SeaIsle 2000, one of of our star varieties, an excellent rating, with less than one weed per hectare (0.83)


This visit is part of the performance protocols of the certifying entity, and includes a review of the entire production of a natural grass variety for the detection of weeds, mutations, or any type of anomaly existing in the crop.



The review of the status of the certified varieties by the ITGAP was carried out by Steve Batten, president of Steve Batten & Associates Inc. (SBA). The ultimate objective of these certification programs is to ensure the purity of the certified varieties and their maintenance over time to make sure that the customer receives an excellent product.

In the last few months, the ITGAP’s evaluation programs have become more rigorous by increasing the frequency of visits and including a quarterly evaluation of facilities. To maintain these certifications, and to carry out the evaluations, Novogreen Césped Natural relies on the collaboration of Acttua Golf Services.

Novogreen’s production managers traveled to our farm in Cáceres to be present during the American technician’s inspection, and to learn first-hand the requirements involved in obtaining this prized certification. 

Paspalum vaginatum SeaIsle 2000 joins the long list of Novogreen grasses that have been certified, including the Bermuda Celebration, certified by the American company Sod Solutions, which created the variety, as well as others that also form part of the wide range of natural grass varieties offered by Novogreen, such as Latitude 36, Geo Zoysia, and Zoysia Empire.


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