What is it?

The No Till Method allows us to renew a grass species of a golf course in an economic way, quickly and respectfully to the soil.
The process consists of the substitution of the existing variety for another more aggressive variety without having to physically remove the previous variety laid.

In Spain we are pioneers in the application of the No Till Method in the framework of the grass renewal on a golf course. This is a process used in a successful way in diverse golf courses in Florida over the past decade. In our country it is a new process which is being favorably implemented and which we have carried out several time with very positive results.

What are its main advantages?

  • Economic saving: allowing the reduction of associated costs to the renewal of the grass.
  • Time saving: considerably decreasing the job duration time and therefore the closing time of the sports installation.
  • Respect for the soil:: it does not deteriorate because it omits the traditional step of cultivation which helps it maintain its substrate richness and the non-erosion of the soil.

What are the stages of the No Till process?

The most suitable variety for this method is the Celebration bermudagrass for its aggressive growth, quick establishment and ability to predominate over other grass species as well as weeds.

Once this process has finished, the ground could be ready to reuse after 8 weeks. During these establishing weeks, it is vital to carry out adequate watering so that the sprigs do not lose humidity and this assures us of the correct plant development.