Novogreen offers a pioneer product in Spain: WASHED SOD.

Thanks to the purchase of a new, state of the art machine, we can offer washed sods, prepared and conditioned to be used in works of any kind.

It is a perfect option for those cases where the use of standard sods is not possible due to the substrates used or the phytosanitary standards of the area.

The washing process consists of treating the roll of grass by means of water jets strategically positioned and directed so that the entire sod is washed and therefore any unwanted substrate is eliminated to the maximum.

One of the advantages of this new technological device is that it offers the opportunity of efficiently eliminating any dirt left in the sod. That way, the result will be turfgrass sods perfectly hygienic and meeting all existing phytosanitary regulations.

It is an alternative which allows people who have decided to install turfgrass in their facilities to have the best, meticulously cleaned, ensuring the safety and offering to their facilities an impeccable image.

Thanks to all these advantages, this machine has become a referent in the market and it is the option more frequently taken whenever the client needs to have sods without any undesirable substrates.

Novogreen proposes this unique service in order to bring us a product which will respond to your most exigent needs.

Our wish to innovate and integrate new technological improvements in our sector leads us to develop the capacity to offer excellent products and services to our clients.

Images of our sod washing machine