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Novogreen offers the sod installation service, with reliability and an impeccable result, for all types of fields.

To that end, we have specialized staff and machinery with proven experience in works of all sizes, whether in golf fields and top-level sports fields in football, polo, rugby, etc as well as gardens and green areas of all types.

Moreover, we perform sod installation in all formats available: standard roll (250 x 40 cm), Big Roll (75 cm width), Magnum Roll (120 cm width) and slabs (40 x 40 cm), as well as sprigs.

Before talking about installation, one of the most important decisions to make is the kind of turfgrass variety you will use. First of all, you need to determine whether you are in an area of cold climate species, of warm climate species or species in a transition zone. Once this is determined, it is necessary to analyze the rest of factors which could affect the development and establishment of the sod.

Novogreen offers 17 different turfgrass varieties, most of them certified, suitable for every area in particular. Also, our technical team will help you make the correct decision concerning the variety which is more suited for your needs.

Furthermore, the soil preparation is essential as a previous step of the sod or sprig installation. If there is previously a turfgrass or weeds cover, the first step would be to eliminate those elements by means of a non-selective herbicide. In order for the turfgrass to develop, it needs a good sod-soil contact.

Concerning the post-installation, it is crucial to irrigate the turfgrass immediately after its installation. The most important key for the successful installation of grass is the irrigation system. As we know, most of the turfgrass roots have been lost in the sod extraction and it has to develop new roots.

Images of sod installation by Novogreen