Installation of Zoysia Zeon sods produced by Novogreen Cesped Natural SA

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Zoysia Zeon is a variety with much lower water requirements, with a very high shade resistance, and with the lowest mowing requirements of all natural grass varieties.

A natural grass, Zoysia Zeon, that you can enjoy in your garden from day one. Zoysia Zeon is the most sustainable choice in natural grass due to its great resistance to drought, its enormous capacity to adapt to shady areas, and its very low mowing requirements.

Zoysia Zeon, like other Zoysias, is being introduced all over Spain, as it also has a high resistance to the “winter killer”, and performs excellently in all climates. Less water consumption, less maintenance, fertilisation requirements below 50% of any other natural grass variety, and much less maintenance and mowing work.

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