At Novogreen we care about the needs of our customers. We seek to offer a complete service of high quality, so we propose a set of services that add value to the final result.

Supply of natural grass in sods and sprigs

We offer 4 formats for our 24 varieties of natural grass

It is the fastest and most effective way to install natural grass and enjoy its use in a short time

Its main advantages: easy placement and excellent result



Our varieties can also be supplied in cuttings, using the Georgia Bushell measure.

Thanks to our specific planters for cuttings, this format is very appropriate for large surfaces both in gardening and golf, polo, etc.

We are pioneers in other cutting implantation techniques such as the No Till Method, which allows to renew the cespitous species chosen by the client without physically removing the previous one. The advantages of this procedure go through the economic and time savings, being also respectful of the soil.


We have a Logistics Department that carries out a detailed and up-to-the-minute monitoring of each of our trucks, from their loading on the production farm to their delivery point.

The transport of our products from the farms to the door of our customers is done in refrigerated trucks that have a controlled temperature between 0 and 3 degrees. Each refrigerated truck can transport a maximum of 1,200 m2 according to the supply format chosen by the customer.


We have a wide experience in the installation of sods in sports facilities, especially football and golf.

If the client needs it, we also take care of the installation of sods to provide a global service, especially in construction and reforms of football and golf fields, with an excellent team with know-how and specific machinery to offer an optimal result.

Novogreen offers the service of installation of sods, with reliability and an impeccable result, for all types of terrain: first-class sports surfaces, golf, football, polo, rugby, etc. as well as gardens and green spaces of all kinds.

Wide range of products and Technical Professionals

One of the most important decisions to be made is the type of variety of grass most appropriate according to the function and use for which it is intended, and especially the weather and the conditions of the place where it is going to be installed (shade, salinity, etc.).  

Novogreen Natural Grass has 24 varieties, most of them certified, suitable for each particular area. As well as a technical team that helps its customers make this decision the right one.

On-demand production

Novogreen has the capacity to produce the quantities of varieties demanded by our customers.

The most recent on-demand productions have been among others:

Costaterra Golf. Portugal

21 Hectáreas de Zoysia Zeon
2,4 Hectáreas de Agrostis 007

Djursholms Golf. Suecia

9.000m2 de Agrostis 007

Kytaja Golf.

15.000m2 de Agrostis T-One resembrado con Agrostis 007

Oslo Golf.

21 Hectáreas de Zoysia Zeon
2,4 Hectáreas de Agrostis 007

Järna Golf.

4.400m2 de Agrostis Pure Distinction

Hills Golf.

5.500m2 de Agrostis 007

T Golf Calvia
Mallorca. España

20.000 m2 de Agrostis Piranha