What does Novogreen do?

We are dedicated to the production, supply and installation of high quality natural grass, in the format of sods and sprigs.

At the same time we carry out construction jobs related to these products.

We are experts in the construction and reforms of football pitches and golf courses.

Circuito césped

  • Seeds: from its origin we care for the quality of our grass thanks to a substrate of excellence and the best seeds
  • Delicate cultivation: we treat the early planting of our grass with extra care so that it grows to the best quality
  • Sod extraction: with our new generation extraction machinery, we offer 4 different formats of sods
  • Transport: careful transport of our valuable product ensures it is transported in the best conditions thanks to our Logistics department
  • Sod installation: Our installation team lays the sod quickly and skillfully, with the help of specific machinery for the bigger formats

From our beginning in 2005, we have been concerned about the development of the grass varieties which adapt to the market needs. Currently, we offer 16 different grass varieties grown in over 250 hectares of production.

Our experience

We have a wide experience of more than 10 years, both in sod production and in construction works and sports installations, parks and large green areas, residential gardens etc.., is the main guarantee we have for our clients.

For this reason, our clients continue trusting in us for their future projects.

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Our strenght of production

Novogreen produces natural grass in 3 plantations in Iberian Peninsula, with a surface area of over 250 hectares. In order to do this we rely on specialized workers and specific machinery. We advocate the innovation of growth and their processes, which include latest generation machinery able to optimize performance, minimize damage and improve the work.

Logistics Service

We have at our disposal a Logistics Department which carries out a detailed up to the minute tracking of all our trucks, from the moment of loading on the plantation to the point of delivery.

The transport of our products is by means of refrigerated trucks which have a controlled temperature of between 0 and 3°C.

Each refrigerated truck is able to transport a maximum of 1200m², 850m² and 500m², according to whether it is in standard format, Big Roll or Magnum Roll, respectively.

We are pioneers as official distributors of grass varieties such as CELEBRATION BERMUDAGRASS, whose qualities have been demonstrated and recognized by some of highest category sports grounds on a worldwide level.

Location of our sod farms: