Our eagerness to innovate and integrate the technological advances of our sector, leads us to be able to offer our customers the best products and services.

Cultivation process

Novogreen produces in 4 farms in the Iberian Peninsula, more than 330 hectares of natural grass. For this, we have specialized personnel and specific machinery.

We are committed to innovation in harvesting and other processes, including state-of-the-art machines capable of optimising performance, minimising damage, and speeding up work.

Circuito de césped natural


From the beginning, we take care of the quality of our lawn thanks to a substrate of excellence and the selection of the best seeds

Primor culture:

We pamper the cultivation of primor of our natural grass so that it grows with the best quality

Sod harvest:

Thanks to our state-of-the-art harvesters, we offer sods in 4 different formats


We take care of the transport of our precious product so that it travels in the best conditions thanks to our Logistics department

Sod installations:

Our team of installers place the sods quickly manually and with the help of specific machines for large formats

Silica Sands:

All our varieties are grown in silica sand in accordance with USGA regulations.

Silicon is anticorrosive and helps natural grass stay stable and not deteriorate.

Exclusive Licenses

Novogreen is a pioneer in the purchase of licenses to produce and market exclusively the best varieties in the world.

Our commitment translates not only into the production of the varieties certified by the ITGAP of the highest quality for the improvement of sports grounds, especially golf and football, but also by the production of those most suitable for sustainable meadows that facilitate infrastructures and the management of green areas that respect the environment.



Tifway 419

Bermuda enana Miniverde p-18

Bermuda enana Sunday





Trinity (L1F)

SeaIsle 2000

Platinum TE

The No Till Method

The No Till allows to renew a cespitous species of a golf course in an economical, fast and respectful way with the soil.

The procedure consists of replacing the existing variety with a more aggressive one without the need to physically remove the first one.

The planting of cuttings is done thanks to our specific machine that makes longitudinal incisions in the ground to introduce the cuttings that are embedded in the grooves.

Sod washing

Novogreen offers a pioneering product in Spain, the WASHED SOD.

Thanks to the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art machinery, we can provide washed sod, prepared, and conditioned for actions in works of all kinds.

One of the advantages of this new technological device is that it gives the opportunity to effectively and efficiently remove dirt that may have been lodged in sods.

In this way what will be achieved as a result will be to have perfectly hygienic grass that comply with all the regulations that exist in phytosanitary matters.

Novogreen offers this unique service to put at your disposal a product that will adapt, without problems, to the most demanding needs.