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Agrostis Stolonifera L93

With a very fine texture and a high leaf density, this Agrostis is ideal for use on greens, as well as on tees and golf courses and is one of the most recommended varieties by golf course designers.

It has an excellent ability to recover from any external damage due to its aggressive growth. It is a kind of high maintenance

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Agrostis Stolonifera Tee One

Of a dark bluish-green color, this cespitosa species is ideal for use on greens and tees of golf courses and is one of the most recommended varieties by golf course designers.

It has an excellent ability to recover from any external damage due to its aggressive growth and is very resistant to diseases.

This is a kind of high maintenance.

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Bermuda Latitude 36

The Bermuda that best awakens from winter dormancy; Top1 in green-up.

Latitude 36 is a variety of natural grass developed by Oklahoma State University and is considered one of the top herbs in the NTEP ranking of the US and Canada.

It has very good resistance to the “spring dead spot” and the “leaf spot” and is, among all the shorts that are currently on the market, the one that resists the low temperatures the most.

It has both a very high tolerance for traffic and an exceptional visual appeal.

It is very elastic and has a very fine leaf texture.

Ideal for warm areas of the south and climatic transition.

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Tall fescue Blend: Park

Composed of 80% Festuca arundinacea and 20% Poa pratensis.

It is mostly used in all types of sports grounds, as well as in gardening, landscaping, public areas, and swimming pools.

Of intense green color and medium texture, it is a lawn that requires little maintenance.

It has the best heat tolerance of all winter lawn species.

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Raygrass Blend: Verd

Composed of 60% perennial Lolium and 40% Poa pratensis, it is the finest and most elegant among our blends.

It is a cold season variety; its growth is rapid, and it has good resistance to trampling. Its ornamental appearance stands out, ideal for high-level gardening, and is also widely used in sports grounds of all kinds.

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Novograss H-22 (hybrid)

NovoGrass H22 is the perfect symbiosis between natural and artificial grass. Our reinforced hybrid turf, produced on our farms with our Verd Elite Blend, is specially developed for sports grounds.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art artificial turf mesh, the roots can grow and develop with unique depth and stability, which prevent bad player support, while favoring the drainage and ventilation of natural grass.

NovoGrass H22 is an unbeatable cover for the practice of sports, especially football, durable and 100% recyclable.

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Paspalum Sealsle 2000

Paspalum vaginatum is the species that best tolerates salinity, and at very high levels.

Of an intense bluish-green color, it is like a bermudagrass both for its very fine texture and in its behavior.

Sealsle 2000 is ideal for gardening as well as sports grounds and its use on golf courses is perfectly suited to greens, tees and fairways.

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Zoysia Geo

Zoysia Geo is a lawn with a thin leaf and a dark green color.

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lawns that can be found in a landscape, for its aesthetic virtues and for the softness of its touch.

It tolerates shade much better than other Zoysias and is very resistant to traffic, making it a very successful choice for golf courses as well as for residential areas.

It consumes 50% less water and requires half as many nutrients as any other variety.

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Zoysia L1F

Trinity Zoysia (also known as L1F) is an extremely durable and wear-tolerant and shade-tolerant variety. Trinity is suitable for both hot and cold climates, and offers a smooth texture with low maintenance.

Perfect selection for golf courses and a great choice for high quality residential or commercial areas.

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Zoysia Lazer

A new world for golf greens.

Developed by Texas A&M Agrilife Research and licensed by Bladerunner Farms, it offers green speeds with all the drought and shade resistance of zoysiagrass.

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Dichondra repens

Ideal species for gardening, Dichondra repens is more of an upholstery species than a lawn in the strict sense.

A dichondra-based vegetation cover is more interesting and advantageous than a lawn in some specific projects, due to its spectacular beauty.

It withstands exposure to full sun as well as vegetating exceptionally well in shady conditions. It prefers warm-temperate climates for its perfect development.

In addition, it does not require fertile soils and its greatest advantage over other cespitous species is its little need for mowing.

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