SeaIsle 2000 Paspalum vaginatum

With an intense bluish green colour, this variety is similar to a bermudagrass in its very fine texture and its behaviour. It is the species which tolerates the highest salinity levels.

It is an ideal grass variety both for gardens and sports grounds, its use in golf courses is perfect for greens, tees and fairways.

Its use is ideal when watered with recycled waters.

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Gardens, landscapes, golf, sports stadiums.
Dark, bluish green.
Compact grass of a fine blade.
Latency from 10-12°C where colour loss exists.



The only grass to tolerate soils with salinity and high water retention, better if the soil is good.
By stolons and rhizomes.
High resistance.
High resistance.
High resistance.



High resistance.
Low resistance.
Medium resistance to semi-shade.
High resistance.
High resistance: no other species is able to tolerate better salinity or water in its soil.
Low, tolerates large periods without watering. Tolerates flooding and puddles.


Medium frequency. High range of mowing height, 3-25 mm.
An extraordinary dense grass and very aggressive, a strong competitor against weeds.
A very frugal species being situated in saline ecosystems, it has had to develop great efficiency in capturing nitrogen from the soil.

Growing zone

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SeaIsle 2000 Paspalum vaginatum is the improved variation of Paspalum vaginatum, which offers a considerable resistance to the principle conditions of stress, especially in environmental atmospheres of extreme salinity.


It has a very aggressive growth by means of rhizomes and stolons by which it competes advantageously against weeds. It forms an extraordinary dense and compact grass. Its stolons are more robust and its internode is shorter than the Bermudagrass.