Mixto is a perfect symbiosis between natural and artificial grass. It is a hybrid, reinforced grass, produced in Spain by Novogreen and especially developed for sports grounds by Mixto System.

It is the ideal support for natural grass, its technology guarantees the optimum union of plant fibre and artificial fibre.

Thanks to Mixto, the roots are able to grow and develop with a unique depth, offering a highly stable ground to the player. Thanks to its drainage and ventilation, we achieve a reinforced plant covering which is 100% healthy.

cesped mixto novogreen

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Football pitches or areas of frequent use in golf courses.
Fertile soil of a fine texture.
Optimum, avoids uneven support for the players.
Allows the drainage and ventilation of the roots.
Mixto is 3 times more resistant than a non-reinforced natural grass.
High resistance, due to the footprint of the player being less damaging.
Much quicker than a non-reinforced natural grass.


  • Stability and firmness of the ground.
  • Fast installation and immediate use.
  • Higher security for the players.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Plant covering 100% healthy.
  • Three times more playing hours.
  • Higher profitability.